Friday, November 21, 2014

Pickup artist rejected by the UK

Julien Blanc, a self-styled "pickup artist" was rejected entering the UK.

He teaches men how to deal with girls in several ways, including get rid of her resistance and force her into a sexual contact. He made seminars in some countries. His behaviors erected hatred of many women. In the UK, 150,000 people signed to a petition not allow him to enter the UK.

BBC: Julien Blanc: UK denies visa to 'pick-up artist'

The New York Times: Julien Blanc, Self-Described Pickup Artist, Denied Entry to Britain

According to the media, his visa was withdrawn in Australia previously. The UK Home Office also did not permit his visiting. He had to cancel the planned seminars in the UK.

I do not know him at all. All of my knowledge about him is from the news articles. Actually, he seems vulgar and disgusting. On the other hand, I am not sure whether his activity will cause sexual abuses as female protesters are worrying. Similar techniques broadly appear in books and websites describing date methods. I hope that men are not too stupid to believe in his words without doubt.

In this case, I sense a variance among English-speaking countries. If he were British and had attempted to enter the US, the US government would not have expelled him, I guess. Instead, some American women would sue him.

Another concern is the influence of this incident on his reputation. The fact that Australia and the UK rejected him suggests that he is a man of influence. Being rejected made him more famous, even infamous. It is no good for his opponents. Perhaps, the governments had to ignore him at all, rather than reject him.

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