Thursday, November 27, 2014

NVIDIA replicate the Apollo 11 landing on the moon

NVIDIA, a famous video chip maker, made a presentation in which the picture of Apollo 11 landing on the moon.

Wired: Nvidia Proves We Walked on the Moon—Not That It Needed To

Video cards in the PC has a role to draw a 3-Dimension graphic in the monitor precisely. There are enormous factors to be calculated in a picture, mainly light reflex. The more the Graphic Processing Unit is powerful, the more the drawn graphics become real. Many PC gamers are eager to gaining excellent Graphics card in order to play some computer games with exciting graphics.

NVIDIA selected the picture of historic achievement. It attempted to copy all materials described in the picture with computer graphics. 3-Dimension models of the space shuttle and astronauts were created. After that, the sources of light were determined. At last a picture was completely drawn, in which there were no stars seen in the sky.

There has been a hoax regarding Apollo. Even now, not a few people do not believe the fact Apollo reached the moon. Even though it is a kind of silly urban myth, there are some controversies the skeptics insist difficult to contradict at a glance.

One of the such issues is that there are no stars seen in the sky in the picture that Captain Armstrong  took on the moon. The surface of the moon is completely evacuated. So, the sky is dark, and there must be nothing to hinder the light of the stars to reach the ground. Skeptics believe it as evidence that NASA fabricated the moon landing.

To be honest, there has been a decisive counterclaim against it. The moon is covered in darkness, but Apollo emitted strong light. In addition, the space suits astronauts wore were good to reflect the light. In this circumstance, you have to select fast exposure to take a good picture. As a result, the lights from the stars were too faint to be captured in the camera.

BAD ASTRONOMY: Fox TV and the Apollo Moon Hoax

This explanation sounds rational. However, we have no experience of taking pictures on the moon. It has made us difficult to understand this phenomenon.

This work by NVIDIA has visualized the real situation on the moon. It is quite persuasive. We will see the starless sky on the video game soon. I think the choice of NVIDIA was excellent. Skeptics will not change their mind even watching the picture by NVIDIA. Nonetheless, they will pay attention to the technology developed by NVIDIA at least.

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