Monday, November 3, 2014

Gyoza no Ohsho is struggling

I like gyoza (jiaozi) very much.

It origins from China, but is widely spread in Japan, too. Different from in China, grilled jiaozi is dominant in Japan. Gyoza no Ohsho  is one of the most popular franchises dealing with grilled jiaozi.

Gyoza no Ohsho had been a domestic company till it advanced into China in 2005. Misunderstood by many people, Gyoza no Ohsho in Hawaii and Singapore have no relationship with original Gyoza no Ohsho. It is confusing that several restaurants named Ohsaka Ohsho in Japan are also different from Gyoza no Ohsho.

This Gyoza no Ohsho has decided to withdraw from China, recently.

Sankei West: Gyoza no Ohsho to withdraw from China (in Japanese)

It seemed difficult to introduce a new style of jiaozi to Chinese. According to the media, the deficit of Gyoza no Ohsho has reached 1 billion JPY in this decade.

It was a year ago that the Mr. Takayuki Ohigashi, the president of Gyoza no Ohsho was killed by a gun. It is highly likely that the criminal is a professional assassin, because some bullets penetrated him exactly to cause critical wounds. Ohigashi was so loved by neighbors. This case is yet to be resolved.

I love Gyoza no Ohsho. Unfortunately, there are few places to eat Japanese style jiaozi in London. I miss it.

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  1. I think most people call it "dumpling". I also like it very musch.
    However, there are a lot of difference between the Japanese ones and the Chinese ones- - - most Chinese eat "boiled" dumplings while Japanese eat "baked" ones. I think Gyoza no Ohsho's challenge was ambitous. But Chinese tongue was conservative about dumplings while Japanese style "Ramen" successes in Chinese market very much. This was how it should be.