Saturday, November 8, 2014

Internet Archive publish many arcade games

Now hundreds of traditional arcade games are playable via Internet Explorer.

Internet Archive is a non-profit organization for the purpose of creating a digital library. There are thousands of items including books, audios, videos, and softwares. Additionally, it added classic computer games, such as Pacman, Frogger, and Street Fighter II, on its collection.

MakeUseOf: Internet Archive Brings 900 Classic Arcade Games To Your Browser. Here Are 7 Of The Best

I tried playing Frogger, Moon Cresta, Super Pacman, and Gaplus. Each of them was working on the Chrome, yet not so smoothly. I guess many of you used to play these game in the past days. Even though I was not good at playing such action-type games, they recalled me sweet memories in the teenage.

Amazingly, lots of game books are also kept on Internet Archive. I will explore the archive for a while. You can download many PC games, but most of which are demo version, perhaps considered the copyrights matter.

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Nowadays, this kind of attempt is frequently seen. is successful to monetize supplying old computer games. National libraries are also eager to digitize their property.

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We are so blessed that enormous entertainment are available with extreme low cost. I believe there are some hints  in these legacies to make an innovation.

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