Sunday, November 23, 2014

The only way to maintain your body weight properly

Dieting is a tough challenge for most of people regardless of gender. You may have tried more than once, in vain.

Sandra Aamodt, a neurologist, made a presentation regarding diet at a TED conference. She is a researcher of brain science. Her statements derived from her experiments have several implications. I think most of them are rational, from my knowledge and experience as a clinical practitioner treating patients with eating disorder.

You Tube: Sandra Aamodt: Why dieting doesn't usually work

First of all, our brain has a set point of body weight. Excessive attempt to reduce weight can be a long-lasting burden and it causes rebound. I used to express a metaphor with a spring. Your spring is being squashed by the external force when you continue to avoid food. When you loose the power pressing the spring, it immediately leap, and may be extend to more than its own length. It is so called a rebound.

Second, human are likely to gain weight inherently. It is because of the history of the battle against starving. I tell my patients that all foods and drugs advertising as reducing your weight are potentially poisonous. You should be cautious to the temptation to take slimming materials. In Japan, some girls take methamphetamine expecting to lose the body weight. Such behavior causes fatal outcome.

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Third, the ultimate method of dieting is to consult with your voice of mind. Eat slowly if you are starving. And stop eating you satisfied. Hypothalamus in the brain regulates your appetite. when you intake adequate nutrition, your brain can tell you so. However, the report from the brain is delayed by several minutes. Therefore, you should eat quite slowly, otherwise you would overeat.

This is a scientific diet. By the way, Allen Carr, the author of "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking", said the same thing about diet. He was distant from science and his writing was quite emotional, but also made sense, interestingly.

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