Saturday, November 15, 2014

Poor door in flats in London

As I wrote, the land cost is rapidly increasing in the UK, by 10% in a year recently. I feel it costs much higher in London than in Tokyo. The burden is, of course, cruel for citizens not so wealthy.

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To address this matter, the government has obliged the owners of a newly built flat to supply an opportunity for poor tenancies. This policy enables them to live in a luxury flat, theoretically. But, not a few flats made a discriminating way against them. They were not permitted to enter the flat through the normal entrance. Instead, the "poor door" was prepared at the backward of the flat.

The Guardian: Poor doors: the segregation of London's inner-city flat dwellers

Modern flats equip shared places such as the front lobby. A secretary is hired in some flats, similar to a studio I investigated in the past. Costs for them are paid by tenancies, being added on the fee. Usual tenancies might think that it is unequal that those who do not defray the full cost even can acquire the merit of the flat. Nonetheless, such kind of management looks a little repulsive.

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The situation is similar in the New York. The Mayor is willing to eliminate this discriminating solution with a new legislation. London Mayor has rather defensive attitude against it.

Next City: De Blasio Administration Vows to End the “Poor Door”

The Guardian: Boris Johnson rules out 'poor door' ban on London housing developments

In a historical pub in London, entrance for labors was also separated. It seems still not a legacy, considering this issue. Fortunately, the area I live in is so multicultural that I have never seen discrimination. Or should I say, there are few celebrities around here?

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