Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Federer and Hanyu, respective attitudes to sport

The last weekend, I sought for the result of the ATP World Tour Finals on the internet because I went out all the day.

The official website showed that Novak Djokovic won the championship. However, the score board was empty in detail. I wondered that uploading was delayed. After that, I was astonished to know that Roger Federer had pulled out of the final.

According the the media, Federer injured his back in the semi final against Stan Wawrinka in the previous day. He appeared at the stadium and made an apology to audiences for the absence. He explained that he had to consider his own age and the opportunity to come back again, deciding not to be challenging.

The Telegraph: Roger Federer pulls out of ATP World Tour final with Novak Djokovic citing back injury after epic semi-final

I easily imagine the disappointment of the audiences. Many of them were expecting a legendary match, as I experienced.

My past Entry: Nishikori challenge Federer in ATP finals

It is fortunate for me that I watched the semi final between Federer and Wawrinka on the internet. I paid only 7 GBP for being witness of this epic scene. It took 2 hours an 48 minutes. Federer overcame four times of match points in the match. Wawrinka was also strong. The goddess of Victory smiled at Federer at last. It seemed exhausting for Federer. His is 33 years old. Any injuries can be a trigger of retirement. It is unavoidable for him to retreat with any anxious conditions.

On the other hand, recently Yuzuru Hanyu was focused in Japan. He was crashed with another athlete at the exercise just before Cup of China. He was considerably injured, but made a good performance at the rink. He won the silver medal. After that, he had to take medical check in detail. It will take a couple of weeks for him to recover. Some people criticize the recklessness of him and relevant persons to make decision of attending the match.

The Japan News: Hanyu takes 2nd at Cup of China after scary crash

Mainichi: Figure skating: Injured Hanyu out of action for up to 3 weeks

Hanyu is only 19 years old, so the situation is quite different to Federer. Nonetheless, both of them are always fighting with the fear of physical dysfunctions. There are several athletes who had a great talent but being forced to quit due to injuries. I hope they will be long lasting.


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