Saturday, November 29, 2014

Easy & yummy, Ginger Syrup

Today, I introduce a recipe which is extremely easy cooking and delicious. The idea is originally described in Rakuten

Rakuten Recipe: Easy cooking with rice-cooker, How to make warming Ginger Syrup (in Japanese)

The materials are:
Ginger 200g
Lemon 2 (approx. 200g)
Suger 200g

Wow, recipe is also easy-remembering!

(1) Wash the ginger well, and slice it into thin pieces.

You need not peel it, the skin will be also a source of smell.

(2) Peel the lemon, and cut it in round slices.

Actually, peeling lemon is the only trouble in the process.
To be honest, however, it is no OK omitting peeling lemon, I have tried it.

(3) Throw all material into a bowl of the rice-cooker.

Do you have a rice-cooker? All Japanese have one.

(4) Stir it, tenderly. And set the rice-cooker at warm state.

Caution! Not boiling.

(5) Wait for 5 hours.

The syrup will percolate from fruits.

(6) Filtrate it.

(7) Complete!

You can gain 15-20cl of syrup with the material.

Home-made Ginger-ale is created by Blending 10cl of the syrup with 50cl of the sparkling water. You can mix the syrup with boiled water to make Hot-ginger. Deep and sweet taste. Especially in winter season, it is splendid.

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