Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mikan, a gunslinger exercise of English

I am afraid that today's topic may be worthless for other than Japanese. Recently, I am indulged in Mikan, an iPad application.

Mikan is an application for the purpose of memorizing English words. There are astronomical amount of such kind of tools, including paperbacks, websites, and software. Mikan is actually not so different. However, it provides speedy sense.


TechCrunch Japan: English exercise application Mikan is near to be released (in Japanese)

using Mikan, all you have to do is to touch the screen to express whether you know the displayed word. After your choice, another word is displayed. You can review the unfamiliar words after 5 words are displayed. An examination will be offered when you have learned ten words.

In touching this application, you cannot drop the concentration. The meaning of each word is displayed in less than one second. In the examination phase, you have extremely short time to answer. You gain the mark as "Excellent" only when you could choose the correct answer immediately after the word appeared.

This sense of speed is the core of Mikan. As a tool of learning English word, it is quite trite. It is disadvantageous that only one meaning is corresponding to each word. There is nothing special about the user interface. Nonetheless, its baffling taste made me enthusiastic.

The current version is under modification. So, Mikan is free, but you have to tweet or post on your Facebook to continue to use it. Several days ago, I tweeted about an error upon this application. Soon, a member of the company contacted me to hear about the error. They seem to be eager to improve the quality. Few days after this, this error was fixed. I will continue it for a while


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