Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Quantum encryption

Encryption technique is focused again after the NSA was revealed to spy the contents of telecommunication of citizens by Lord Snowden. Nowadays, there is a common sense that no information on the cloud is safe.

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However, a newly technology is approaching to be realized. It is "Quantum encryption".

Quantum computing is a dreamy technology which potentially has far greater capacity of calculating compared to current super-computers. In 2010s, some companies including Google began to develop quantum computer. It is not sure when they accomplish this great work. Instead, quantum encryption is nearly realized.

Conventional scheme of encryption requires an encryption key. Without the key, encrypted data cannot be interpreted, or it will take thousands years. The matter is how to deliver the key from the sender to the receiver. If the key was tapped by a person with malice, encryption method would be no use.

You can use quantum signals as an encryption key in the new method. What happen if the key was listened in by the intruder? The signal would be changed automatically due to the observer effect of quantum. These is a definite principle that light cannot be intercepted without altering the signal itself. Quantum encryption utilize this concept.

The Verge: Building a globe-spanning quantum internet

The Telegraph: China builds computer network impenetrable to hackers

You need a network with light fiber cable to deliver quantum key. Indeed, the US and China has begun to create quantum networks already. The both countries have strong concerned to being intercepted. They seem to consider that the introduction of this new technology will lower the risk of cyber terrorism.

I am not familiar to quantum physics. Nonetheless, this idea impressed me. On the same time, I wonder there are more splendid ideas to utilize this attractive technique.

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