Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wifi problem using Greenpower battery saver

My smartphone was troubling.

The other day, I wrote that I began to use Greenpower as a battery saving application. It enabled me to use my smartphone for a little long time without charging. I was fond of utilizing it.

One day, however, it brought me an inconvenience.

I had made the WiFi automatically regulated. When I came home, Greenpower turned Wifi on, to lessen the amount of 3G packets. When the smartphone could not detect any available WiFi waves, the Wifi power was turned off automatically. It was so cool.

The problem occurred after I retired an internet service named "Wi2 Premium". It is a Wifi connecting service. Anyone who made a contract can utilize Wifi connection at several places, such as McDonald's, Starbucks, and some airports. The monthly payment cost only $4. I continued this service with satisfaction for a while. But recently, I withdrew the contract for tiny reasons.

Even then, my smartphone was still trying to connect to the internet via Wifi provided by Wi2 premium. Actually, it was no more available because my ID and password were negated. However, Greenpower misunderstood as the internet connection was established. It caused defeasance of 3G connection in the areas covered by Wi2 premium. As a result, I could not use any service requiring the internet connection during W2 premium was detectable, unless I turned off the Wifi manually.

Unfortunately, I could not detect any configuration to ignore the wave of a particular Wifi access point. At last, I had to make Wifi automatic regulation inactive.

I uninstalled Greenpower and tried other similar applications, such as Juice Defender and Deep Sleep again. However, Greenpower was superior. Indeed, the battery became exhausting more quickly after uninstalling Greeenpower.

To solve this situation, I am considering using some applications simultaneously; Green power and a software adjusting the Wifi. A candidate to fill the latter role was IFTTT. Though it is an amazing service, it did not equip the function to control Wifi. Still now I am investigating.

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