Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Comfortable airplanes

I like airplanes. Taking a plane is a fun for me.

This idea looks somewhat childish. However, I did not like to take a plane in my childhood.

Actually, there is a huge difference between seeing a plane and taking one. Airplanes look so cool that they fly in the sky with marvelous speed. You may have experienced an airplane proceeding in clouds elegantly in a movie scene.

In contrast, it is doubtful whether you feel great during taking an airplane. You are forced to sit on a small seat next to strangers for a long time. Even going to the lavatory is not easy. In addition, I was disappointed to the window beside the wall of the airplane for the first time for me to take a plane. The window was so small that I could not enjoy the landscape at all. Enormous clouds over there was the only thing I could see.

By the way, I took a seat in business class several years ago. Unfortunately, it was far from satisfactory. I hardly listened to the movie with the headset because of loud noise. The seat was too hard for me to take a good nap.

Therefore, airplanes are not an attractive vehicle in my opinion.

However, introduction of tablets has changed the situation.

I have a tablet with me whenever taking a plane. And I enjoy movies, comic books, and games with it. PCs are a little large to use at the seat in the airplane. Compared to PCs, tablets are more portable and flexible to use. I always equip several movies which are my favorite and I listen to it with a noise cancelling headset I introduced the other day.

I have to stay on the seat for several hours in the airplane. The time is enough to spend with watching movies I missed before. I often feel the flight time is too short to enjoy.

Incidentally, I do not expect movies the airline offers. Some of them are interesting, but the monitors equipped behind the seat have inadequate resolution.


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