Thursday, August 7, 2014

Barnes & Nobles with Google against Amazon

Barnes & Nobles (B&N), a famous bookstore in the US is to make an alliance with Google. The new service enables fast shipping for internet customers.

The New York Times: Google and Barnes & Noble Unite to Take On Amazon

B&N is not so popular in Japan because it has not been available there. However, Nook, an e-ink book reader powered by B&N is well spread as much as Kindle by Amazon in the US. Additionally, B&N have many retail bookshops different from Amazon. Users can try watching several books and Nook itself before buying them.

It is a little surprising that Google made an aid to B&N with its sales network. Google is not to mention a gigantic internet company. Thus, it looks strange that it equips network for delivery. Actually, Google started Google shopping one year ago, which allowed online shoppers to gain items through Costco or some other supply chains.

In the other days, Amazon was not a rival for Google. But recently, Kindle Fire and Fire Phone were launched, identified as competitors for Android by Google. So, Google may be encouraged to fight with B&N against Amazon.

It is not certain this attempt will be successful. B&N is in a peril for decline of sales in recent years. Anyway, it is preferable that there are several choices to buy a book. I hope B&N will recover.

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