Monday, August 11, 2014

France set symbol of home-made food

The French government established a legislation which sounds somehow traditional. All restaurants in which home-made materials are exclusively used for dishes will be mandated to post a particular mark. It looks like a combination of a boiling pan with a house with a chimney.


A cute mark! This logo suggests that the restaurant with it may adhere a traditional cooking style, not using frozen foods. It will help foreign travelers to select restaurants which are valuable to try, according to officials.

BBC: The new sign on French menus

However, some authorities make a doubt about the effectiveness of this regulation. Breads, pasta, cheese, wine, and some raw foods are exempted from the rule. They insist that these exceptions will nullify the value of this logo. Whether this campaign will be successful depends on the detailed contents of the regulation.

This kind of legislation is intended to support traditional shopkeepers. I remember a law to protect bookstores enforced in France as an example to suggest its conservative trend, as I mentioned before. Recent movement in France may be relevant to the fact that Francois Hollande at Socialist Party won the seat of the President.

I dare not eat frozen food, especially in foreign countries. However, technology of freezing itself is a great invention. It is simply preferable for us to be able to enjoy any food anytime anywhere. The battle between local cuisine and processed food will be continued for a while.

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