Monday, August 18, 2014

IFTTT, connecting internet services

Yesterday, I referred to IFTTT, as it was no use to solve my problem.

However, it is an amazing service, indeed.

IFTTT, pronounced as "ift", though I said "ai-ef-triple-T" is an abbreviation of "If this then that". As the name suggests, its concept is quite simple. The only role of this service is to connect two different services together. It actually enables you to enrich the performance of each service.

For example, I connected Blogger to Twitter. Then, whenever I post a new entry IFTTT automatically tweets the URL of my new entry immediately. It saves me from spending time to post a tweet subsequently.

You can get today's weather report via Google messenger every morning, after connecting these two services.

When I enter my office, my smartphone become silent mode, because when the GPS detects I enter the hospital it trigger to turn ringtone off.

There are many other functions. Now, IFTTT is adapting to over 60 services, including Evernote, Dropbox, and Instagram. Your idea and a little effort will make your daily life convenient.

In addition, IFTTT equips sharing function. You can utilize numerous recipes someone has developed without any stress.

Still now, IFTTT cannot control the Wifi setting of the smartphone. Now, I am wondering to wait for improvement or seek another service to realize automatic regulation of Wifi function.


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