Sunday, August 3, 2014

Marvel Unlimited, a great online comics service

Recently, I received an advertisement email about Marvel Unlimited.

Marvel Comics is a world famous series of cartoons describing superheroes such as X-men, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, and so on. In recent years, several characters in Marvel were visualized with SFX movies, whom also I often introduce.

My past entries:
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Amazingly, you can read almost all comics published in the past by Marvel as many as you want with your smartphone or tablet. In addition to online reading, you can temporarily download up to 12 sets of comics onto your device so that you can read it offline.

The annual fee is $69. Marvel offers also limited membership for the US citizen for $99. You should be cautious that the membership will automatically continue unless you cancel registration.

I bought a month membership with only $1 using a campaign. And I started to read "Uncanny X-MEN", the oldest series of X-MEN. It is a great advantage for users to read materials out of print. Additionally, it costs quite low if you read some Marvel comics frequently.

The only disadvantage is that the application often freeze. I have encountered disappearing of the comics I had already downloaded for some time.

I will enjoy it, at least for several months.


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