Thursday, August 14, 2014

Type-c will come soon

The USB Promoter Group, which is attempting to determine the next generation standard of the USB connector, published recently that "Type-C" had been finalized. According to the media, some products will be utilized the next year.

Extreme Tech: Reversible USB Type-C connector finalized: Devices, cables, and adapters coming soon

Type-C connector has some advantages upon current micro USB. Firstly, it is reversible. I believe everyone has been annoyed when trying to insert the connector with the wrong direction. Although some USB connectors are reversible even now, micro USB is not. So it will much easier to use. Secondly, Type-C has a potential to charge power up to 100W through it. It may also be useful, because now several devices require multiple USB ports for supplying power. And thirdly, of course the speed of transmission is much faster.

I wrote an entry about USB connector attached to mobile phones. Smartphone providers in the EU should unite the connector of their products until 2017. Type-C is probable to be elected as the standard. It will be painful for Apple, which makes iPhone equip Lightning connector. Lightning is also reversible, however, it has not been so popular.

My past entry: One connecter law for mobile phones in EU

By the way, I am wondering till when such connectors will be used. In the future, non-touching charging will be dominant. Someday, cables will be a legacy. Perhaps Type-C would be the last standard of connecting devices.

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