Friday, August 29, 2014

The 3 definite conditions of the boss

Perhaps you have some complaints to your boss. Your boss may be arrogant, too strict, or inhumane. Nonetheless, you can respect your boss if he or she has one of the characteristics below:

1. Have a dream
The most important thing the leader has to have is a dream. Dreaming, and declaring an ideal to be realized make us fascinated. Having a dream which many people agree with is not easy. If the dream is pretty, the leader hardly wins the worship of followers. In contrast, too fantastic dream is difficult to be possessed for a long time. Good boss has a dream and an ability to realize it.

2. Leave it to subordinates
A boss with talent can do anything. He or she performs many tasks on their own. But it is a trap. Bosses who cannot leave their work to someone else can never grow good subordinates. In such organization, subordinates rely on the boss entirely. On the other hand, the bosses who cannot believe their subordinates are more miserable. They will become alone at last.

3. Take a responsibility
Whoever, having experienced a position of some projects knows that it is quite difficult to take a responsibility. You are sometimes forced to be responsible for the troubles which was not caused by yourself. It is quite annoying. Many persons lose their position without your own fault. Taking a responsibility is to let someone else free from responsibility.

Each of them are quite hard to achieve. If your boss has at least one of these condition, I recommend you to get along with your boss for a while.

Actually, I am so happy because my boss has the all of them. It is a miracle.

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