Thursday, August 28, 2014

Independence of Scotland, referendum is approaching

Scotland is shaken. A public voting to decide whether being independent from the UK or not will be performed in Sep 18, 2014.

Scotland was united into the UK in 1707. Its legal and educational systems are different from the UK. Parliament of Scotland has a right to settle some original laws independent from the legislation of the UK. Nonetheless, not a few citizens think that Scotland should be more free from England. After the development of oil fields in North Sea in 1960s, separatists has been powered much more.

If Scotland becomes independent, it is obvious that many disadvantageous matters will occur in England. Therefore, David Cameron, the Prime Minister in the UK encouraged the Scots to abandon the dream of independence.

The Telegraph: Scotland is better off 'as part of something bigger', David Cameron to say

The opinions of citizens are various. The BBC says that the majority is opposed to the independence, but the difference between each side is low.

There is some discussion regarding the administration after the independence. Among them, currency is the most critical issue. Scotland wants to continue to use GBP, whereas the UK government has no intention to allow it. This topic remains the center of debates.

Salmond v Darling: Scottish independence debate on the BBC - as it happened

 In addition, it is unclear whether Scotland can join the EU. Medical service in the future, now provided by the NHS, is also a focus of the argument.

It is certain that the UK would be weakened in the presence in the diplomatic field if Scotland becomes independent. Scotland will also have a risk of some conflicts. So, I think it is better for the both countries not to be separated, although I have not enough knowledge to consider this matter.

The shape of nations is gradually changing. I will keep an eye on this news for a while.


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