Monday, August 25, 2014

Sultan, a luxury table for gamers

Geek Chic, a company providing furniture for geeks, has made a gaming table.

It looks wooden table with a calm atmosphere. It equips several drawers on each side as players can spare their dice and tokens. As named I would feel as I were a sultan when using it.

The Sultan

Furniture industries are struggling for restructuring. In Japan, several providers release inexpensive goods. Most of them are made by an automated process. There are only few craftspersons to cut and combine the wood. IKEA and some big companies have overwhelmed the market.

In addition, most people are troubled by the narrowness of the house in Japan. Foldable furniture are preferred by citizens living in urban areas.

Nowadays, we seldom play board games or table-talk role playing game sitting around the table. Instead, online computer games are dominant in Japan. It is somewhat related to the decreased number of children.

I am fascinated to watch this table. I would like to live in a large house in which Sultan is suitable.

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