Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Wafer King, a local cake

I bought a little odd box of cakes at Hakata.

Its name is "Hakata Haas Oh (The Wafer King at Hakata)". A gallant lady was painted at the top of the box.

It is common that a local souvenir is sold with some cheerful figures painted on the package. In this case, however, I paid attention to a description in front of the showcase.

It explains a background story surrounding this cake. It is obvious that this story is a fiction. The shopkeeper agitated me to read the story sealed in the box.

Actually, I like this kind of cakes. So I tried buying one.

Opened the box, I found a little book describing the King Haas.

In this story, Hakata city was conquered by a foreign country in Sengoku era. King Haas is the successor of the ruler of Hakata. She attempted to create a delicious wafer in which Amaou (a famous species of sweet strawberry) jam was inserted.

This is Hakata Haas Oh!

Unfortunately, it does not taste so good.

To be honest, the story did not attract me so much, either. I hardly understood the sense of the developer.

There is little information found about Haas Oh with Google. Even a website introducing the cake does not exist!

Recently, storytelling is frequently used to advertise an item, since we are well impressed with a context relevant to the item, rather than the item itself. I admire this kind of method just because I sometimes enjoy it. Nonetheless, this Haas Oh is still a mystery.

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