Monday, February 10, 2014

Tokyo governor election

Yesterday, the voting to elect Tokyo Governor was held.

After the resignation of the past governor Inose due to money scandal, several candidates rose to win the seat. The winner is Yoichi Masuzoe, ex-Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, as mass media predicted.

Mainichi: Masuzoe 'braces himself' for job after winning Tokyo governor race

As I mentioned, I was indifferent to this election. There are two reasons. First, Tokyo will not change so rapidly regardless of the person who succeed Inose. Tokyo is the center of Japan. Therefore, lots of stakeholders concern to the management of Tokyo government. In addition, Tokyo metropolitan assembly is ruled by the Liberal Democratic Party, which is leading Japan parliament. Although the governor has a great power, he will not able to behave so aggressively against many opposite sides.

Second, the victory of Masuzoe was predictable. There were three candidates who are possible to match him. But each of them had critical weaknesses.

Morihiro Hosokawa, an ex-Prime Minister of Japan insisted the need for immediate abandon of atomic power plants. Junichiro Koizumi, extremely famous as an ex-Prime Minister supported him. However, Tokyo citizens are rather heavy consumers of electricity than creators. Quit of atomic power plants is deeply burdened them as a form of raising the cost of electricity. I was doubtful that the voters would choose him, even if the majority of citizens disliked the atomic power plants.

Kenji Utsunomiya, another rival of Masuzoe, was an ex-chairman of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations. He looked like a liberalist. He also declared to get rid of any atomic power plants. Some people said the votes of the people who opposed to the nuclear power were split into Hosokawa and Utsunomiya. I do not think so. Utsunomiya is the so called left wing. He was supported by the Social Democratic Party and Japan Communists Party. However, these parties are minorities in Japan, especially in Tokyo. In summary, Utsunomiya stood by the side of the weak, but Tokyo is a side of the strong.

Toshio Tamogami is another candidate. He was Chief of Staff, air Self Defense Force. His policy is extremely conservative, so called right wing. So, Shintaro Ishihara, ex-Tokyo governor supported him. He won the worship from young citizens, may be due to his charismatic leadership. It is unfortunate for him not to gain any support of existing organizations. My own opinion about the policy is near to his. But I dislike his exclusive thought.

There were lots of candidates who were far from victory. Kazuma Ieiri, the only 30s candidate, was focused due to his unique lifestyle. He is an entrepreneur, than a politician. He utilized the internet to determine his own policy. Therefore, he was supported by some of the people who were familiar with the new technology. As a result, he reached the 5th, superior to other minor candidates. I think he did well, considering the lack of his political activity in the past.

Unfortunately, it snowed heavily this weekend. It caused the low rate of voting. It resulted in the advantage of Masuzoe, supported by ruling Liberal Democratic Party.

I think Masuzoe is the least risky person of the candidates. He declared the harmony with Tokyo assembly. I think Tokyo administration will be stabilized soon.

It is afraid that Masuzoe has some scandals around his lovers and children. I hope he will not be interrupted with this kind of argument. Frequent change of governors will never be beneficial for any people.


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