Saturday, February 22, 2014

Perspective of Windows Phone

Microsoft is struggling to sell Windows Phone.

Formerly, I was utilizing a Windows mobile 6.1 Smartphone.

Actually, it was the first Smartphone I got. When bought I was excited to introduce it for the first time. However, my expectation soon changed to disappointment. To be honest, this machine was extremely hard to use. The inconvenience was so serious that I tweeted the complaints about it every day. Not after a long time I began to use it, Microsoft published "Windows Phone", the next generation mobile OS.

Windows Phone 8 is not available in Japan. On May 2013, Steve Ballmer said that they were attempting to launch Windows Phone 8 in Japan. Unfortunately, the situation has not been changed.

Microsoft has some plans regarding Windows Phone. First, Microsoft is developing a digital personal assistant, Cortana, like Siri in iPhone. This gimmick will be connected to Bing search. To be honest, I do not like Bing because it is not so wise compared to Google search.

Gizmodo: Microsoft's Cortana Could Combine the Best Parts of Siri and Google Now

There is another surprising solution. Microsoft considers adapting Android applications to Windows Phone. It imagined me that Mac introduced Bootcamp to work Windows on Mac. I think that this attempt will be successful, because I believe any gadgets will lose their own character in the near future, and then users will be indifferent to the providers.

The Verge: Strange bedfellows: Microsoft could bring Android apps to Windows

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