Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A particular reason for delay in LCC

The last weekend, I was involved in an accident of an airplane.

Do not worry about it, I am safe. Actually, a flight plan was cancelled due to snow.

The stopped airline was a domestic one administered by a certain Low Cost Carrier (LCC). Even if it snowed severely in the last weekend, I was doubtful about the cancellation, since other airlines were working ordinarily. So I asked a service manager about the reason.

She replied very kindly. It snowed in the morning, but it stopped at noon. However, the airplane bound to be utilized was covered with deep snow. It was necessary to peel the snow from the vehicle to make use it. How long it takes depends on human resource. All mechanics on duty were summoned to engage in this task.

Then, another problem occurred. Some engineers had to reach the airport from their hometown. However, most public transportations were crippled due to snow. It is special in Chiba prefecture that trains are more vulnerable to snow than airplanes. As I mentioned, it rarely snows in Chiba, so that they hardly prepare for snow. In addition, Narita International Airport is distant from the center of Chiba City.

Therefore, some engineers failed to come to the airport on time. In general, LCC does not hire excessive workers. So, they could not gather enough amount of persons to get rid of the obstacle on time.

This is the story. The vehicle possessed by an LCC is not so different from the one of other airlines. Most of LCCs are as safe as others. However, the potential to overcome an extraordinary occasion is inferior in LCC. It is a trade-off for lower price. Optimized cost-effectiveness sometimes bring about unfortunate result.

I love both the inexpensiveness of LCCs and good service of other carriers. I will use each of them on occasion.

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  1. I think it's not big problem.....Some LCCs in Europe have a lot of bad, horrible stories. Japanese LCCs behave good, I think.