Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cold day

Yesterday was one of the coldest days in this winter. The temperature was 6 centigrade in Chiba. In addition, it snowed heavily. Some public transportations were troubled due to bad weather.

Fortunately, the snow stopped at night. Nevertheless, I saw snow rest on the ground this morning.

Google lets it snow. How fantastic!

Chiba is relatively warm region in Japan. It seldom snows here. Especially, it was extremely rare in my childhood. However, we sometimes encounter heavy snow recently, as I mentioned in the last year.

Actually, I feel that recent winter is getting colder than the past. This sense of mine, however, is against the official climate record.

This graph shows the temperature in Feb. 5 in Chiba. It looks gradually warmer. It is perhaps not an exception of global warming. In addition, 6 centigrade is not so cold compared to usual winter.

So what? Have I gotten vulnerable to coldness? I am afraid that it is due to my age.

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