Saturday, February 8, 2014

Great snow strikes Chiba

Today, we encountered terribly bad weather.

I predicted this because I have heard whether reports. Nonetheless, I was astonished to see the silver landscape. Of course the temperature fell down rapidly. I felt as if I were in Finland or Norway.

I visited Chiba University to take an exam. There were few people in the campus. New snow completely covered the ground.

The bus and taxi stations were crowded.

This picture is decorated by Google with snowfall, as same as one week before. But it snowed in real.

Japan has various faces at climate. For citizens live in northern area, it may be quite usual. In contrast, citizens in Chiba seldom experience snow. So we were very much confused at the violence of snow.

I wrote an entry entitled as "Heavy Snow" in the last year. I must correct it, it is no more heavy, compared to the current situation.

I hope nobody is hurt due to this wrath of the nature.

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  1. Horrible weather!! Take care! Especially southern Chiba is famous for its warm weather, but now Kominato-Tetsudo line stops due to snow. I think it is quite rare.