Friday, February 14, 2014

The end of VAIO

Sony has decided to sell VAIO brand to Japan Industrial Partners.

Tech Crunch: Sony To Exit PC Business By Selling VAIO

Small Business Trends: Sony To Sell Its Vaio PC and Laptop Business

Considering that VAIO is one of the symbols of the PCs made in Japan, this news is impressive. However, the decision of Sony is not so surprising, as Sony has suffered from underperforming of this division for years. It is partially due to the total shrinking on the PC market. The whole sales of PCs are decreasing, mainly been replaced to Smartphones and tablets.

Then, some companies were forced to make changes in the strategy to sell PCs. Acer, ASUS, Samsung, and other companies began to cut the cost, utilizing mass production with outsourcing of gaining parts.

In contrast, Sony remained concern to domestic production. It resulted in performing higher quality in creating some new models of PC. The cost was compromised, however, it looked fatal.

This kind of attachment is frequent in Japan. Panasonic is also particular about the solidness and lightness of their products, called "Let's Note". As I mentioned, they are quite cool, but a little expensive for individual use. Sharp had stuck to domestic production of liquid crystal panel. As a result, Sharp was forced to abandon their own industry.

Fortunately, Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) shows good sales at the beginning. It is regrettable that PS4 has not been available in Japan yet. But I admit that Sony should be deliberative to launch a new service.

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  1. It's sad news. Sony will be back, someday!