Monday, February 17, 2014

Fifty Genders available in Facebook

Facebook has updated its basic system, which may help people with LGBT.

BBC News: Facebook allows users to customise gender

CNN: Facebook goes beyond 'male' and 'female' with new gender options

Now, the users of Facebook in the US can select their gender in not only male or female, but also surprisingly up to 50 words. The options include Trans Female, Trans Male, Trans Person, Gender Questioning, Transsexual, and so on. Unfortunately, this scheme has not been available other than in the US, perhaps due to the delay of translation.

The decision of Facebook will be kindly accepted by the people who have a particular gender identity. It is quite natural for Facebook to let them use without hesitation, since the ambition of Facebook is to connect everyone of the world. Concern to sexual minorities will also be fitting to the principle of Facebook as "making all visible."

I think Facebook is clever that it equipped enormous options simultaneously about this matter. Then, persons who are willing to change their alignments can pretend as they just try it. If there were only three options, male, female, transgender, they would have to be more courageous to choose their real gender. I felt similarly when I saw the options of marriage for the first time.


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