Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Galaxy S5 launch

Samsung published Galaxy S5, a flagship model of a Smartphone, in Barcelona in Feb 24, 2014.

New Vision: Samsung launches Galaxy S5 smartphone

Galaxy S series are luxury devices. It is often compared to the iPhone. However, Galaxy S4, a previous model could not attract consumers so much. Although the sales reached 40 million, Samsung seemed not to be satisfied.

The Inquiere: Samsung disappointed with Galaxy S4 sales despite hitting 40 million milestone

Instead, Galaxy S5 epuips some newly gimmicks in it. You can use a fingerprint scanner attached to the start button to unlock the screen. It looks like merely a copy of Apple. However, Paypal is also available through the sensor in Galaxy S5. Paypal is a major instrument of money transaction utilized in many retailers. It helps you to enjoy internet shopping with ease and security.

In addition, a pulse rate sensor is stuck at the back of Galaxy S5. To be honest, I am doubtful about the usability of it. You have to put your finger on the phone for a few second to evaluate the pulse rate. This motion is so strange that you can hardly use it during running or other physical activity. I recommend you to choose a wearable device for this purpose.

The new Galaxy has changed its shape. The cover has a feeling like leather, according to the media. It seems gorgeous, though some people will dislike it. It is also impressive that Galaxy S5 has gained waterproof.

Now I am wondering if I will buy Galaxy S5. Perhaps I will not move to it, since my current Galaxy SIII is still working very well.

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