Thursday, February 6, 2014

New CEO of Microsoft

After a long discussion by the board, Microsoft chose Satya Nadella as the successor to Steve Ballmer. He has belonged to Microsoft for 22 years and is very familiar to cloud service and software.

Microsoft: Satya Nadella

Mainichi: Microsoft names cloud computing chief as next CEO

Although Nadella was not the most expectable candidate for the next CEO, he is also an extremely talented person. According to the media, he was born in India and visited the US for the first time after graduating from university. He gained an MBA and degree of computing in the US. He is so curious person that he always buys too many books to read immediately. He himself said that he was very fond of learning.

25CNBC: Microsoft's new CEO: An insider and a 'cloud' man

Nadella is skilled in software development and management of cloud service. However, he has no experience to lead a gigantic organization. Some people are afraid that he will not able to command the department of hardware development. Perhaps as a safety valve for this matter, Bill Gates, the chairman of Microsoft will come back to the working place as a technology adviser. It is a request by Nadella. Steve Ballmer will also remain a director.

It was possible that Microsoft would invite a new CEO from outside. This decision looks a little conservative. I guess there were lots of considerations and negotiations around this issue.

Microsoft has faced a great barrier against innovation for several years. It has extremely large numbers of relics, which are now burdens for Microsoft. Office clients are gradually getting worse whenever they are upgraded. It resulted from old algorithms developed in the past, but Microsoft cannot drop them out due to many remaining users. The upcoming expiration of Windows XP is also criticized.

Therefore, Nadella emphasized the importance of innovation in his first announcement on his email. I expect him to achieve the innovation in Microsoft. At least, I am totally glad if PowerPoint will be reformed for more convenience.

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Actually, my slides were crashed today again, so I spent one hour to repair it. May Nadella save me!

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