Sunday, February 9, 2014

Murder case in Sochi Olympic [fake]

Today it is sunny but still cold. I dare not to go out. Snow remains around my home.

Since I am indifferent to Olympic, I had not noticed that there was an incident during the opening ceremony of Sochi Olympic.

ABC News: Opening Ceremony Fail? Just Four Rings Light Up in Iconic Symbol

New York Post: Sochi Olympics open with four ring fail

In this ceremony held on Feb. 7, one of the five snowflakes had failed to transform into the rings as the symbol of the Olympic, perhaps due to a technical error.

It may be shameful for Russia, for lots of people all over the world paid attention to this ceremony. I imagined the disappoint of Putin, the Russian President.

Then, I saw an odd news about the sequel.

The Daily Currant: Man Responsible For Olympic Ring Mishap Found Dead In Sochi

According to this article, a technical specialist who was responsible for the performance of the opening ceremony was found to be killed in his bedroom. In addition, his death was dealt as an accident by the police, although he was pierced with multiple knives.

I was nearly astonished, but soon calmed down. Actually, this is a fake report. The Daily Currant is one of the satirical news blogs.

In Japan, there are also a few joke sites such as "Kyoko Shinbun [fictional newspaper]". Some people believe fallacious information, and after that they get angered to know that they are deceived. There is controversy around the justness of joke articles.

In my opinion, joke and humor are effective not only to enjoy daily life, but also express some ironical thought. Indeed, the article about the murder in Sochi seems to be written to ridicule powerful Putin. I accept this kind of joke sites.

However, deliberateness is needed to distinguish the truth from the false, especially in the information of foreign countries. People who are partially involved in global setting are most vulnerable. I must be cautious.

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