Thursday, February 13, 2014

A 30% experiences domestic violence in England and Japan

A newly occurrence rate of domestic violence was published by the government of England and Wales. It contains data that about 30% of the female has experienced some kind of domestic violence.

The Guardian: Domestic violence experienced by 30% of female population, survey shows

Are the women in the UK so frequently victimized? According to this article, the statisticians who were involved in the survey states some reservations.

First, the chance of being victimized of a violent crime has decreased, compared to some decade ago. Other types of crimes are only declining. It is not true that the modern era is so dangerous.

Second, it is possible that minimal violence is more likely to be reported recently, perhaps in the influence of the case of Jimmy Savile, who were broadly alleged as a predatory sex offender after his death.

Even concerning these factors, the risk of domestic violence should not be underestimated. An annual survey revealed that approximately 10% of the citizens consider that hitting their partner is acceptable in some occasion. There are argument around the definition of abuse. Nonetheless, at least physical violence should not be allowed, adopted by the Zero Tolerance Policy, in my opinion.

Domestic violence is also investigated in Japan. According to the Cabinet Office, about one-fourth of the women had experienced physical abuse by their partner. Harassment with words and sexual coercion were also reported.

A part of the report about victimization by the partner (in Japanese)

In daily life, I seldom hear such incident. Some victims may be too patient to call for help. I know some cases who dared not escape from the predator due to mental distortion. Yet there are lots of barriers to establish secure family and society.

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