Saturday, December 21, 2013

Working from noon to 6 o'clock

We work unconsciously 8 hours a day. Is it the best considered from the respect of creativity? Some cognitive scientists deny our custom.

The Atlantic: Why the 9-to-5 Day Is So Tough on Creative Workers

According to this article, our brain begins to work effectively since 4 hours after waking up. In the afternoon, the peak time of creativity is continuing for only a few hours. The author concludes that we should work only from noon to 18 o'clock.

It is generally accepted that we cannot be aware enough to engage in tough task immediately after getting up. It is true in my own experience. I was told to wake up at least 2 hours before taking an examination in my childhood. However, it is surprising that it takes 4 hours to maximize our mental performance.

On the other hand, the fact that mood of human is fluctuating in a day should be considered. In general, we tend to be excited at late afternoon. Morning is the worst time for us to make efforts. Especially in a depressive state, some patients experience this kind of mood swing. It is the same in healthy people. It does not result from your laziness that you do not want to go to office in the early morning.

After all, I have to completely agree with the opinion of this article. This theory is rational in physiological point of view. Introduction of 6 hours work instead of 8 hours in a day makes us more creative.

Actually, Kellogg had adopted this scheme once, according to this article (in Japanese).  However, the employees finally chose more income than the rest time. The 6 hour shift was withdrawn in 1985.

There is a dilemma between money and time. It is unavoidable. Recently it has been pointed out that the productivity is quite low in Japan. Considering this, perhaps we should reform the system of working.

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