Monday, December 23, 2013

Four types of your boss

This is a sequel to my past entry.

This classification I introduced in the entry is so helpful that I sometimes use it to consider what to deal with my colleagues. Of course, nobody is clearly categorized into a particular type. Nonetheless, thinking based on such a specific point of view lets me some new idea for better understanding of a person.

Then, I invented another classification system of your boss. This method will be more helpful to evaluate your boss, rather than colleagues.

There are two points you should focus on: attitude to work, and ways to deal with work.

(1) Is he an idealist, or realist? In other words, when you propose a plan which is difficult to accomplish, what is the reply of your boss? Does he dare to take risks?

(2) Does he rely on you or not? Is your performance always supervised? Does your boss grapple even a simple task with his own? Or he asks of you to do and entrust you?

Answering these questions may be easy for you because it may be what you are always concerned. Given the answers, 2*2 matrix is created.

Realist - Self regulated
This type is deemed as a little nervous. He always checks your performance. He dislikes your own decision. He is fond of controlling the situation, or he is simply afraid of the failure.
To be honest, a person with this character is not suitable for a leader. Thus, you should consider that this position that you obey his order is only temporary. You can report your process to him in detail. Ensuring him not to fail may relieve him and avoid any unnecessary troubles.

Realist - Leaving to others
This type has a hands-off policy. He may be irresponsible. He often commands but does not expect amazing performance. As a subordinate, you need not worry about the relationship with him at least in usual work. You may do your job. One of the critical problems with this type is lack of decision. Therefore, he cannot determine what to do in a difficult situation. At this time, you should take a leadership instead of him without hesitation.

Idealist - Self regulated
This type is like an artist. Some great entrepreneurs are categorized into this type. He is difficult to make a good relationship. He gets angry for a tiny reason. He cannot rely on his colleagues but not for anxiety but for his own attachment to work. Only a few persons can collaborate with him. So if you identify your boss as this type, you should choose immediately whether you will follow him or not.

Idealist - Leaving to others
This type is the least common. He is so enthusiastic that he fascinate many people. He is an optimist. He is also easy to forget the past. Although he asks of his subordinates to achieve a lot of work, he is not sure about the result. You should do your best. And report it whenever you did well. Do not be afraid of a failure. Your boss is no more concerned about it.

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