Wednesday, December 25, 2013

People blaming Kindle Fire sale

A new version of Amazon Kindle Fire was released in November 2013. Kindle Fire HDX attracted attention for its superior spec and low cost. It equips quad-core CPU and full HD display. Its cost performance may be superior to Nexus 7 by Google.

I have one Kindle Fire HD in the previous model. I dare not to buy a new one because the current device works well. Nonetheless, this new product interested me. I guess many enthusiasts in Japan bought one on the day of launch.

However, Amazon started a discount sale at Christmas. This sale was held only for two days. The price was decreased by $50 in some models.

It is understandable that Amazon decided to perform a Christmas sale. On the other hand, it is extremely rare that a digital device is officially discounted soon after the beginning of the sale in general, since the initial price of a hardware is set as low as possible. I think Amazon's sale is quite ambitious, even if this attempt is temporal.

Some people heavily criticized Amazon for its discounting. Once several reviews with low score were lined at the review board on website. After the end of the sale, these reviews seem to be deleted.

The reviews perhaps bought it with usual price. In their sense, they lost $50. I partially understand their fury.

However, it is not cool to blame the sale of Amazon. Amazon did not do any damage to other buyers. Presenting such emotions as to envy other consumers at public space is a little childish behavior.

To begin with, value of an item is diminishing immediately after you gain it. It is no difference in anything, from a house to a gadget. The only thing we can do is to enjoy it as much as possible at the time we get it.

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