Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cloud Gap

Nowadays, the word "Cloud" is extremely common in our society. Of course it means Cloud Computing. But its definition is very wide. Banking is also one of the clouds. We use the cloud systems unconsciously every day.

One of the beneficial services in the cloud is online storage. In the past, we had to equip hard discs in the office to keep important data. We hardly accessed to the data from the outside of the office. There were considerable risk of vanishing data due to some troubles of machines. Now, we can upload the data immediately after gaining it. We can refer the data without being concerned about where the data is placed. It likes to watch a cloud.

However, cloud storage has a disadvantage. It is that we cannot utilize the storage when we have no connection with the internet. This is an obvious matter, but it is sometimes decisive.

First, I work at a hospital. And it is prohibited to use WiFi in the hospital to avoid the malfunction of the medical machines. Thus, I cannot search the cloud drive in the hospital. It is so inconvenient.

Second, in foreign countries, I am often confused to notice that the there is no internet connection. I hear that there are lots of Free WiFi spots, however actually I had to make great efforts to establish a connection. Tethering with my mobile phone is also available, but it cost a lot. Some people buy a pre-paid Sim card to attach their own Smartphone. It is also bothering.

Several services are constructed with an assumption that all of the users are able to connect the internet. This idea is troublesome. Several years ago, Koei released some PC games with an internet security system as a copy protection. Whenever I play the game, I had to connect to the server of Koei to let the program run. This process strongly annoyed me. It was not surprising that this infamous system was cancelled a few months after the launch. Recently, I heard that Xbox  one by Microsoft would introduce a similar system. I am afraid that Microsoft would be criticized by the gamers.

The cloud system has been established as an essential infrastructure. In contrast, I think that the mobile networking system is not utilized completely. In Japan congestion of the electric waves is growing to a big problem. Each mobile phone company is struggling to enhance their circuits. I name the phenomenon as "Cloud Gap". I predict the situation will continue for some years.

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