Saturday, December 7, 2013

Railway accidents, a terrible worry

Today I had an extremely negative image.

Recently, traffic accident frequently occurs in a certain route of the railway. I hear the news of stopping the train every week. Yesterday, I intended to go to the destination via the train. But this railway got unavailable due to an accident. So I had to change my route. It took me spend additional time.

I am not sure but I guess most of this kind of accident is caused by suicide, throwing in front of a train. In Japan, diving is one of the common ways of suicide, even not as frequent as hanging. It is quite problematic that there are lots of places where we can easily dive into the railway. Many stations have not equipped a barrier on the edge of the platform.

In addition, mass media tend to report the fact of suicidal case in detail. The scene with a particular name of the station may encourage the impulse to suicide in the persons who potentially have a desire to die.

I am also concerned about a court case that a railway industry pursued the family members of a person who was suffering from dementia to be killed by a train. The judge accepted the claim that the financial damage of the railway company due to this accident should be compensated by the family, in according to the duty to protect the demented patient from the accident.

I think this decision is ridiculous. Furthermore, I have a terrible imagination. Knowing about this news, someone would have an intention to revenge his family members through his own fatal accident. It is no other than sequential tragedies. I truly hope that someone would not become a victim any more.

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