Monday, December 2, 2013

Antivirus software for Windows

As a Windows user, which software should I choose against malware is a troublesome issue. Although I have installed several security softwares ever before, none of which is decisive.

To begin with, being attacked by a malware is a rare experience for an individual who is not concerned with some special works. Thus, we cannot refer to our personal experience to determine the software to adopt.

Then, we sometimes watch special issues focused on security softwares. In some articles, several specialists investigate the softwares to compare the quality of them. However, these articles also can be inclined to one or some particular software. Softwares made by a small company is not even possible to be introduced.

Besides, it is not only the quality of detection of malware for security software to be evaluated but also some other features. In other words, most internet security companies tend to add multiple function other than antivirus on the software because antiviral ability is difficult to distinguish from competitors. Several companies advertise additional function such as password administration, registry maintenance, and so on.

From my own experience, almost all software does not differ from each other. I will write my impression below;

Norton Antivirus
Norton by Symantec is one of the most popular internet security software. It includes lots of function. However, I have experienced an erroneous move by auto input system that my e-mail address was inputted intentionally at a public space.

Virus Buster
Virus Buster by Trend Micro is my first antivirus software. In Japan, it is criticized regarding its burden to the computer. But I was not so serious about this matter.

McAfee is often bundled with other softwares. It makes me unhappy. The reason is that some troubles tend to occur when uninstalling McAfee.

Just System made Kaspersky is one of my favorite companies. The detection rate of virus is said to be splendid. However, when I set up the Window Home Server, it caused some troubles.

ESET smart security
I used this one for a year. It was not impressive but no disadvantage I noticed. It has gained high reputation on the internet.

Virus Security Zero
This software is sold as "Virus Security Zero" by Source Next in Japan. Once introduced, you need not pay additional fees for continuation of using it. It may be a great advantage. I do not know the true quality of it.

Once the ultimate software is established, someone will create a new virus which overcomes the king. After all, periodic change of the security software is recommendable.

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