Thursday, December 19, 2013

Categorizing your boss

There is a large amount of methods of categorizing people into some stereotypes. Especially, these techniques are introduced to help you to construct a good relationship with your colleagues. For example, several life-huck articles recommend you to categorize your boss into some types.

To be honest, I am doubtful about the effectiveness of these categorizing methods. Nonetheless I was impressed with some of them.

As a popular categorizing, I introduce "Type 4 Personality". This method is also widespread in Japan.

Social Leadership Development Blog

According to this, you distinguish the type of a person based on the two factors:
(1) Strong Self Assertion
(2) Strong Expressed Emotion

Controller (assertive and non-emotional)
He always claims his own opinion strongly. But he seldom makes an expression about his emotion. So he likes to control the team strictly. He has a belief that only highly integrated teams gain success. He is intolerant to an intrusive behavior of the teammates. He is a strong leader. His excessive leadership sometimes brings a conflict in the team.

Promoter (assertive and emotional)
He has a strong opinion about the victory. In addition, he always yells about his policy. He loves festivals, discussions, and collaborations. He is glad whenever someone admires him. He is good at motivating his teammates. However, some persons dislike his loudness and his excessive interference.

Analyzer (non-assertive and non-emotional)
He is quite humble and deliberative. He is unlikely to lose self control. He is fond of thinking about the system rather than a human mind. He looks clever. And indeed his words are informative. However, he is not charismatic. So sometimes he looks like unreliable. Some person feels that he resemble a machine.

Supporter (non-assertive and emotional)
He is quite humane. His sympathy aids all team members very much. He never commands strongly, but everybody is willing to obey him. He looks like a friend rather than the boss. His voice sound so kind that you trust him. Unfortunately, he cannot take a leadership in a stormy situation.

An advantage of this method is intuitiveness. You can use this with ease.
By the way, I am a controller.


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  1. I think every leader is a "mixture" of those 4. A "pure" controller is quite rare, I think.