Sunday, December 1, 2013

Colored leaves in Kyoto

I went to Kyoto on this weekend to attend an academic conference.

It was a considerably cold, but Kyoto was just covered with full of colored leaves. Everything was beautiful.

This is an epigram which is argued in the internet. What is the meaning "Now life is living you"?

This is Honganji temple. So solemn.
By the way, local government of Kyoto has decided to reform the description of the places, as I knew at a newspaper. For example, from "Hongan-ji" to "Honganji temple". In Japanese "ji" means temple, but it may be hard for foreigners to understand the real meaning of the former description. It is cool decision I think.

I visited Kyoto Gyoen national garden. It took over 30 minutes from Kyoto station on foot. I experienced a fair exercise.

It was extremely wide inside the garden.

And there were a large amount of trees.

Some of the trees had changed red or yellow.

This is a maple tree. Maple-tree viewing is a popular leisure in autumn in Japan.

The gardens are illuminated in several temples so that you can walk around to enjoy colored leaves at night. However, the streets are extremely crowded. Unfortunately, I was also not able to enter the garden at night. I heard that Kyoto citizens dare not to walk around at this term.

And then I stayed at a temple inn. It was so sophisticated. In addition, the landlady was very kind.

I have visited Kyoto for several times. As this was a tiny trip, I would like to stay longer in the next visit.

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