Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Walking Smartphone is dangerous?

NTT docomo, Japanese biggest company of telecommunication will release an application to prohibit the use of a Smartphone while walking.

NTT docomo - New functionality to stop yourself using a Smartphone while walking

This software sense the tremor of the Smartphone to warn the user about the risk of traffic accidents. NTT docomo aims to reduce the accidents due to loss of attention.

Regarding driving car, using a mobile phone has been illegal already in Japan. Meanwhile, talking with a hands-free gadget is allowed. And there is no regulation about using phones while walking.

Indeed, this idea is cool. However, I am wondering how dangerous usage of a Smartphone on the road is.

Many years ago, some people criticized Walkman, portable music player made by Sony, for the reason of covering the ears. They suggested that a person listening music would not be able to hear a horn. However, I have not heard someone was crashed due to music players.

Of course, there is a difference between sight and hearing. Human behavior strongly depends on the sense of sight. Crossing a road with gazing a monitor instead of looking around is very risky.

By the way, how about Google Glass? Is it safe? Google must have done a lot of experiments. Nonetheless, we have to pay attention about it. Google car will be more secure. The times are always changing.

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  1. >Crossing a road with gazing a monitor instead of looking around is very risky.
    I think so too. Compared with Walkman, people must think, look at monitors, and touch monitors. As in Japan roads are always crowded, it is much more risky than other countries. It is reasonable to restrict using Smartphone.