Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Governor Inose and responsibility of a politician

Naoki Inose, the Tokyo Governor, is heavily blamed about a money scandal.

Japan Today: Tokyo governor admits receiving Y50 mil from scandal-hit Tokushukai

According to several reports, Inose received 50 million yen ($500,000) from Tokushukai hospital group, which is also suspected to be involved in a scandal regarding past elections. He insisted that he had borrowed this massive money as a personal loan. But, people opposing to him do not believe his excuse at all. If this is a donation from Tokushukai for him, he is deemed as breaching Public Offices Election Law.

Mainichi: Gov. Inose could face criminal responsibility if 'loan' claim turns out bogus

To be honest, I am indifferent about whether Inose is guilty or not. Japanese legislation around general election is so strict and vague that most candidates could be accused if a prosecutor desires so, I think.

Now, lots of people claim that he should resign. Some criticize his recklessness. In a past case about Olympic, Inose was blamed for his careless comment.

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I wonder if carefulness is a point to evaluate a politician.

Who is the most cautious person in Japan? I believe prosecutors and bureaucrats are. They never speak their own thoughts in a public space. They always work on the basis of the hierarchy of their organization. So they seldom make an error. Therefore, they have been reliable in traditional Japan for a long time.

Then, do you want a politician to behave like a prosecutor, or a bureaucrat? I never do.

The absolute condition of a politician is a vision for the future. He should be ambitious, idealistic, and optimistic. If not, we cannot have a dream.

Being brave is often accompanied with carelessness. An excellent leader sometimes takes a mistake. His subordinates can compensate it, even if they are troubled with it.

I do not know about the failure of Inose exactly. Also in foreign countries, it is frequent that a politician is forced to resign due to a scandal. I am quite doubtful it is truly beneficial to alter the boss every time after this kind of issue.

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