Sunday, December 8, 2013

Modern slavery in

Recently,, an internet retail company has been criticized regarding the environment of workers.

Don’t Support Wage Slavery: Boycott Corporate and the Washington Post

Time Tech: Read more: Amazon Employees Carried Out of 115-Degree Warehouse by Paramedics

According to the reports, the employees are forced to stay working in a warehouse with the extremely tough situation. They are not allowed to rest and even going out is restricted. The reporters also referred to the low reward.

Similar criticism is seen in Japan, some big companies such as Watami, a franchise of pub diners, and Uniqlo, a low cost apparel industry, are facing to broad criticism.

It is no doubt that the right of workers should be protected. Then, are these companies evil? IT is a little difficult question.

First, whether they adhere the regulation or not is quite decisive. Breaking the legislation is absolutely inappropriate. Then, as far as they obey the law, is it OK?
Second, the contract between the employee and employer is also definitive. There is no problem if the both sides have accepted the condition of the work contract. But is it true? For example, in developing countries, some local citizens may have no choice other than working at the place even in the disadvantageous condition. Is it fair?

Some people take account of these points, declaring "fair trade". They dare not to buy the products made from the exploit of the workers.
So, is it a sincere act?
If we never buy items from Amazon, however, Amazon would be bankrupted. At the time, all the employees will be fired. Is it an admirable consequence?

Finally, all we have a desire to get valuable things with less cost. This kind of desire perhaps makes the supplying companies more competitive. As a result, personal expenses will be cut down. We are the cause of slavery!

After all, I do not blame any companies. No one wants to be poor. Capitalism helped us to be rich. Meanwhile we have to accept the warp accompanied by this system. The only thing we can do is to be engaged with our own work sincerely.

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