Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The next election in the UK

A general election is approaching in the UK in the next year. There are some scenarios coming after the election.

Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the UK is unfortunately infamous now. She has failed to take a leadership for the integration of the parties forward Brexit. The UK is still in chaos and citizens are fearful about the uncertainty after Brexit.

Therefore, the regime change is like to occur in the next year. It means Jeremy Corbyn will get the post of the Prime Minister.

However, he is also not so popular. For example, Morgan Stanley says his administration will be worse than Brexit itself.

International Business Times: Jeremy Corbyn becoming PM 'would be worse than Brexit' warns banking giant

The main members of bank giants such as Morgan Stanley are rather libertarians. Thus, it seems quite natural that they criticize the policy of Labour party.

On the other hand, last administration led by Labour Party remains serious shortcoming of the national budget. If Labour Party grabs the control again, UK's fiscal status will become worse further. Brexit will accelerate it. I wonder what UK citizens will decide in the next election.

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