Monday, December 25, 2017

Neapolitan pizza becomes world heritage

Neapolitan pizza was listed up to the world heritage.

UNESCO accepted the art of Neapolitan “pizzaiuoli” as a member of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. It means the world has admitted that Neapolitan pizza deserves to be recorded as an outcome of the human creativity.

Reuters: Neapolitan pizza making wins world heritage status

Also in Japan, pizza is very popular, especially in youth. But they tend to love American style pizza rather than Neapolitan. American pizza has thick cloth, and often decorated with various kind of food. In addition to sausages and shrimps which are loved in Chicago, mayonnaise, corns, seaweeds, and sometimes avocados are used in Japan. Not only Neapolitan but also Chicago people may not be familiar with such pizza.

Thus, Japanese do not enjoy Neapolitan pizza, in real. I was surprised to the deliciousness of the Neapolitan pizza when I visited Napoli for the first time. It was far different from Japanese one, either from
one I ate in Germany.

Japanese cuisine has also been listed in the intangible cultural heritage recently. And I seldom find Japanese food restaurants in abroad. I think the situation similar to Neapolitan pizza in the sense many people misunderstand the real figure of the taste.

Nonetheless, I am delightful that Japanese cuisine and Neapolitan pizza are listed. The more people love them, the more the quality will be improved.

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