Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Best workplace in the UK

Previously, I referred an article describing the worst place to work in the UK.

My past entry: The worst place for work in the UK?

Then, what is the best workplace? Not surprisingly, it is Google, according to the article below.

International Business Times: These are the best companies to work for in the UK

This result was released by Glassdoor, a famous job site in the UK. The subjects contained at least 1,000 employees. A total of 700,000 reviewers were involved in the evaluation. Google was followed by Anglian Water, Bromford Group, Facebook, and Salesforce.

Glassdoor: 2018 Best Places to work

The list includes several other popular companies such as Microsoft, Expedia, and  J.P.Morgan. But, was not listed in the top 50 companies. Amazon has been harshly criticized for its severe working environment in recent years. It seems to do damage to its reputation.

This kind of list is inevitably biased, I believe. Major companies are excessively praised as well as blamed. Therefore, you should be cautious when referring the list for considering an application. The value of a company for a particular employee cannot be measured in a simple way.

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