Thursday, December 21, 2017

JAL tricked 3.8 million USD by a fraud email

Japan Airline (JAL), a leading Japanese airway company, was tricked by unknown criminals. The amount of money JAL lost is up to 3.8 million USD.

Recently, an employee engaging in purchasing new aircrafts received an email. The sender suggested that JAL had not paid the fee for new products and the bank account to send the money had been amended. The person believed the email, to take the action of paying the fee. However, the sender was mimicking the seller.

Japan Times: Japan Airlines bilked out of ¥384 million after getting bogus emails seeking lease fees

A similar incident occurred concurrently in another division in JAL. As a result, a total of 3.8 million USD was stolen by the tricker.

This kind of fraud frequently occurs. I see several emails requesting sending money for several reasons. I ignore them at all. Usually, the employee must have done the same. I wonder why the trick was successful in this case.

It should be mentioned that there is no exception for potential victims of fraud. The bigger the company is, the more the amount of damage increased. Clever persons are likely to notice the trick. On the contrary, they are likely to be tricked by their excessive ability.

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