Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The end of my PlayStation3

Tragic event repeats itself.

Very recently, I tried to play Legion, a TV series describing a son of Professor X from X-Men series, on PlayStation3. However, it did not work. The DVD never began to play.

Furthermore, the disc was not ejected when I touched the button. I tried it several times. But there was a noise which suggested that the disc is rotating in the machine.

As following the instruction of the trouble shooting page, I rebooted the PlayStation3. And I touched the eject button for several seconds. But it was in vain.

Finally, I got the disc ejected from the machine. I do not know how I could do. I decided never to insert any disc into my PlayStation3.

Recently, I had utilized my PlayStation3 only as a Blue Ray Disc player. I have some 3D movie discs. And I enjoyed watching the 3D movies on my TV. But, the last usage of my PlayStation3 was perished.

Just watching the Cyber Monday Sale on Amazon.co.jp, I decided to purchase an XBOX One S for a Blue Ray Disc player. It will be also working to play 4K BDs.

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