Sunday, December 10, 2017

Justice League, poor visual and concept

I saw Justice League, the latest DC comics movie.

It is juxtaposed with Avengers in Marvel Comics. Thus, several heroes are together fighting with an arch-enemy in Justice League. The members are Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg, and Superman.

In the beginning, a mysterious flying creature attacks Batman. He notices that some great things are threatening the earth. Actually, Steppenwolf, an ancient doom-bringer, has awakened to gather three Motherboxes each of which is possessed by Amazon, Atlantis, and the human to ruin the world.

Batman considers forming a team composed of superheroes. He recruits Aquaman and Flash. Accepting his request, Wonder Woman encourages Cyborg to join the team. Cyborg is a form of a man resurrected with the power of Motherbox.

Firstly, many of them refused to cooperate. But after the trampling of
Steppenwolf, they begin to be collaborative. Finally, Batman proposes to resuscitate Superman using the power of Motherbox.

Revived Superman assaults the heroes with confusion. But Lois Lane, his lover, calms him down. At the same time, the last Motherbox is robbed by Steppenwolf. The final countdown to the world destruction is approaching.

I expected a great experience to see the movie because this work is the masterpiece of DC comics. However, the performance was far from satisfaction, unfortunately. Firstly, the scenes were not so attracting. Compared to Avengers, no impressive expression was adopted. The last battle was conducted at a ruined village in Russia. The regions of enemy, para-demons, like an insect, were not cool at all.

The conflict of the heroes was not described successfully. It is because most of them appear on cinema for the first time. Flash is a fresh guy suffering from his father who is sentenced to imprisonment. But he always behaves cheerfully, and his shadow in mind is not adequately described.

The heroes save Superman's life with Motherbox. It is an irony considering the fact that the jointed three Motherbox will ruin the world. To begin with, the shape and concept of Motherbox are mimicking the Cosmic Cube and Infinity Stones in Avengers.

Among the members of Justice League, Superman has supreme power overwhelming other ones. He is mightier than Batman and even faster than Flash. He would be able to defeat Steppenwolf alone. Thus, other members are not necessary to save the world. It is a substantial fault of the concept of this work.

Finally, IMAX 3D was not attractive at all. I recommend you to see this film on usual 2D cinema, if you want.

Personal Rating: 2 (poor)

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