Thursday, December 28, 2017

The conditions of happiness

There are only a few days before this year is exhausted. How do you feel about your next year?

Everyone wants to be happy and healthy. And, there are some rules to gain happiness shared by many cultures. For example, this article below suggests nine important things to pursue happiness.

- Intense and regular physical activity.
- Reduction of stress.
- Do eat until we are 80% full.
- Having reasons for being.
- Prioritising a diet that is rich in plant-based products.
- Moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages.
- Being part of social groups that promote healthy habits.
- Interacting with religious communities.
- Building and maintaining solid relationships with family.

Hindustan Times: Here’s how to be happy in 2018: These 9 habits will help you live a long, healthy life

I agree with all of the things above basically. While meat eaters are also praised in recent years, having rich vegetable is essential for your body.

One of a psychiatrist I respect told me about this issue the other day. He said that the three conditions of happiness are:

- Having works.
- Having colleagues.
- Control your desires.

These are also persuasive. Connection with the community is indispensable for a satisfied life. But, if you are indulged in unlimited desire, you will despair at last.

To be honest, I have no absolute ideology for pursuing my happiness. In each time, I consider which choice is the best for me. During wondering, I will be progressive forever. It is my own happiness.

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